Friday, August 12, 2016

Third Stanza Reflection

This is my final reflection from the Trinity Prayer (see two prior entries)

            --as Sanctifier, ever-present Holy Spirit, The Divine Milieu enveloping
            us in your love and giving guidance to those who seek your council.

We live in the Divine Milieu—within God who surrounds and permeates all that is.  The dictionary definition of Spirit is:  ‘the vital principle or animating force within living beings’.  To sanctify ‘is to recognize as holy’.  God, the third way you manifest yourself to us is as Holy Spirit.  It is you, God, who calls us to realize the sacred wonder of life and our world.  You made humankind to evolve in consciousness, gradually awakening to what and who we are—you offer guidance, never imposing it—that is the basis of our free will.

We struggle to give expression to the intangible . . . elusive, yet more real than all we can touch, weigh and measure.  Spirit has neither shape nor form; without parameters, it simply IS—like light and breath; a non-material dimension that can’t be captured and contained; the ‘within’ (Teilhard’s word) that permeates our material being and animates it.  Is that not life itself which we cannot fully comprehend?  We experience it, know it’s reality by living it, recognize its presence or absence, can enumerate its requirements, chart its functions and its effects, but cannot explain the why of it by the science we have developed.  If we can’t even understand life although we live it, why does it surprise us when we can’t understand God? 

God, you are mystery beyond our capacity to fathom but what we do know is that we exist and live on a planet that we didn’t create yet continue to shape by our collective action, located within a galaxy dwarfed by an unimaginable expanding universe . . . and that awareness draws me to awe and thanksgiving for the wonder of it.  Thank you, source of all being.

Over the centuries of our development men have tried to ‘capture’ god with images, explanations and rules of exclusivity. As our knowledge increased (mainly by science that weighs and measures everything), the explanations of gods seemed no longer believable for they divided people and sought to impose shape and form upon spirit.  Many people began to conclude: “since there are so many conflicting views and we can’t prove god’s existence, god must be an illusion.”

The ‘within’ in the human is consciousness, said to be the ‘spark of God’ that produces thought.  Thought reaches for understanding—(to know all: all of life and time and being) and to love—(seek goodness for self, others and all).  With our consciousness and free will, humanity does and will continue to create the world we occupy.  We reflect God’s love by using our freedom to choose only ‘the good’ and create a world in harmony.  (A work-in-progress)

A new understanding of God is needed in the 21st Century.
What are we to salvage from the many ways of explaining God?
            God is Spirit and Spirit is Being itself.
            --Life—we have it (till we don’t??—no certainty of ‘after’)
            --Light—is everywhere all at once
            --Breath—we explain about oxygen and circulation
                        . . . but why and how does fragile breath sustain life?
            --Consciousness/Thought—expands exponentially
                        . . . and calories and chemicals can’t justify it.
            --Love—the desire for goodness for another
It is said: God is Love; God is Life; God is Truth; God is Being

The Bible quotes God’s self-identification as:  I AM that I AM


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