Monday, July 1, 2024

Honest Man vs Notorious Liar

 The debate between Biden and Trump a few days ago ignighted fear in many viewers and joy in others and caused both Democrats and Republicans to question Biden's ability and wisdom in running for president.

It is true that aging does damage to every faculty and functional ability but it is NOT a given that at a particular age one becomes incapable . . . some do at 50, others beyond 100. 

In the past, people thought age brought wisdom.  In the present, people believe age brings incompetence.  Each can be true and each can be false.  And either accepted whole heartedly is both wrong and foolish.  

Biden had a bad night, a really bad night!  It alarmed me and made me doubt . . . until I considered the options.  There is no doubt that Biden is an honest and honorable man; and it has repeatedly been proven that Trump is a liar.  As president, either will be surrounded with intelligent staff who will have input on decisions.  Biden listens and hears; Trump listens to no one but himself.  I will trust the honest man. 

I watched every minute of the debate and the discussions that followed.  I am 88,  Biden's senior by 7 years.  The following day I recalled a similar incident that happened to me about a year ago: I had been invited to give a return talk to a group on a topic I was well-versed on.  Going in, I felt a little 'off', but had notes and wasn't worried.  As I began, I felt a little shaky but OK.  Within minutes I began stumbling over my words, then lost track of what I was saying, looked down at my notes and could make no sense of them . . . I kept trying to recoup but finally apologized and excused myself.  It was the most embarrassing experience of my professional life.

I later learned of TIA = transient ischaemic attack or mini stroke.  That is what had happened to me.  It is caused by a temporary disruption in the blood supply to the brain.  Symptoms are: numbness or weakness of face, sudden confusion, trouble speaking, walking or seeing.   The TIA lasts a short time, it doesn't damage brain cells or cause permanent disability.

It seems likely that is what happened to Biden.  I will stick with Biden as he is a man of integrity and I believe that is the most importent quality for a president.