Saturday, January 27, 2024

We Need the Word Malhuman

So much frightening news in today's world leads me to return to my blog.


We need the word malhuman in our dictionaries.  It refers to human behavior that is beyond the pale of 'bad' and in the domain of evil.  Torture, brutality, rape, aggression, annihilation . . . Those are behaviors that defy human reason and justice. 

Reason and justice are among the building blocks of civilization.  When human behavior defies reason and justice, it becomes malhuman.  When our intelligence is perverted to choose behaviors that are totally harmful and destructive, it falls into the realm of evil.  Evil is defined as: profound immorality and wickedness; exclusively harmful and destructive.

Malhuman acts are human behaviors directed by humans to other fellow humans.  They don't 'just happen', they arise from calculation, planning and choice.  We are responsible for our choices.

The word malhuman will help us better understand the nature of the behaviors we choose.