Saturday, July 30, 2016

Middle Stanza Thoughts

This is a continuation of my former July 17 entry wherein, while in Hawaii, I explored the deeper thoughts stirred by the Trinity prayer, I continue with the prayer’s middle stanza:

            --as Savior, you clothed yourself in human flesh and entered
            time as Jesus to show us how we are to live.

God, you created matter—the solid stuff of being that has weight and dimension.  Teilhard has told us: in Being there is a 'within' and a 'without'.  The within—the Word and Spirit—preceded materiality.  At the appointed time your creativity brought forth mass and form—the without—and life, in an evolutionary process that revealed endless possibilities—reaching for the form most appropriate for containing the seed of spirit.  The mechanism of the process was that of complexity-consciousness:  a progression from simple to complex (the without) and ever deepening consciousness (the within).  Through eons of time, slowly evolving to eventually produce the human form that came to know itself and emerge from a primitive state to become a communicative, creative being—developing language and utilizing tools to shape their environment.  Slowly the light of awareness increased—knowing without knowing they knew—they were to gather together to organize and build while paying tribute to the unknown beyond their comprehension.  Mankind emerged as an altogether new species.  Beginning with limited awareness, the ‘without’ received more attention than the within—managing food and shelter, refining communications, gathering together to establish roles and rules and rituals, growing in awareness that there was something greater than what they could see and feel and touch. Looking backward from the present to some four thousand years ago we see a people gathering their tribes into a nation with a central focus binding them together; their belief in One God, creator of all that is.

When outer and inner development was sufficiently established to sustain fuller consciousness of meaning and direction, You, God, entered time as Jesus, accepting both the process and the limits of being human to demonstrate the full measure of human potential—the power and goal of our freedom: to create a world of peace and love by acknowledging our interdependence and together willing that our world be so.

Jesus came into the world in a male body full of strength, courage and intelligence, with a feminine soul living the truth of love, compassion and self-sacrifice.  The ‘without’ of Jesus was here but briefly, while the ‘within’ remains in Spirit.  God, you aren’t ‘out there’ or ‘up there’ beyond our reckoning but right here in our midst, waiting for us to discover you, not in the many conflicting ways men have designed you, but as you truly are.  

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Of Creator God

I share my journal entry of June 13, 2016:

Hawaii—so incredibly beautiful!
It is 3 AM, I sit on the balcony of the 9th floor of my hotel in Honolulu, allowing my thoughts to go where they will:

God of the Universe,
You are one God of three manifestations
--as Creator, you give us life and our world;
--as Savior, you clothed yourself in human flesh and entered time as Jesus to show us how we are to live;
--as Sanctifier, ever-present Holy Sprit, the Divine Milieu enveloping us in your love and giving guidance to those who seek your council. *

(And I thought more deeply about each stanza.)

You are the God of the Universe . . . I can’t grasp that; I can only be awed by it.  The Universe, your grand Creation!  It is there because you are ‘Creator God’ and within that universe you molded our world to support teeming life, which would evolve to one day share in your creative power.  You chose to share creativity with the highest form of life via the wonder of consciousness.  It was to come into being slowly over eons of time, each new life form reaching greater complexity.  As the life forms complexified they eventually gave rise to beings with reflective awareness – consciousness.  The human creature, with unlimited capacity to continually emerge to ever-higher levels of freedom and complex thought, had the ability to understand and evaluate and make choices.  With this ability they became creative in the environment they inhabited.

Human beings; we create our world.  As we continue to advance, with increasing awareness, we come to see more deeply into ‘the good’—love, justice, truth, beauty . . .—and awaken to wonder and marvel at our human potential.

You, God, ever draw human consciousness to yourself; You, the totality of all goodness.

Only through this slowly evolving process could created creatures become co-creators to join with the God of Creation.

Thank you, Creator God

* This prayer first appeared in my blog entry of 4/4/16 Trinity Thoughts