Tuesday, August 23, 2016

God of the Universe

God of the Universe . . . ?!!    Who can grasp that?

      God, You are the generating spark of the Big Bang
                        From which all that IS arose . . .
            Your being surrounds and engulfs all of Creation
                        Containing All within yourself . . .

      The life-process unfolded over eons of time:
-from ‘the without’, generating myriads of forms and shapes
continually complexifying toward ‘something more’;
                        -from ‘the within’, a rudimentary light of consciousness
                               was growing ever brighter, expanding toward knowing,
                        -till finally there emerged the reflective creature
                               able to realize the wonder of which it was a part.

      God, You brought forth life through evolution,
                                    everything is interconnected;
                        a process continually advancing forward to greater being.
                                    You are Greater Being,
                                    And you offer that to humanity.

      You have gifted us with consciousness
            to become cells of Your Being
                        You are All
            yet you fit yourself into the depths of our nothingness.

God of the Universe . . . I am awed!
            Although I try, I can’t grasp the full measure of that.


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