Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Is God A Non-Issue?

 We are encouraged to seek ‘The Good’.


Take a slow and thoughtful look at our world:


            --Nations under siege

                        or collapsing without leadership

                                    the world awash with refugees.


            --a measurable increase in violence:


                        the violence of war

                        mass killing in schools

                                    and the marketplace

                        increasing violence in the streets

                        violence as our prime entertainment source

                                    in movies, on TV, in video games . . .


            --loss of restraint and civility:


                        fist-fighting on airplanes

                        at school board meetings

                        children’s soccer games

                        threats and insults on social media


            --a news headline:


                        ‘Billionaires’ wealth surged during pandemic’

                                    Half the world’s wealth belongs to the top 1% 


In our world in the 21st century, God has become a non-issue, something to perhaps give a nod to one day of the week—or once a year; but otherwise not actually having an effect on lives.  God is ignored.

Whatever you consider to be God’s name or how ‘he’ should be worshiped, it is understood that ‘a god’ represents to humanity all that is good.  Losing awareness of our God (by whatever name) brings with it, the loss of focus on ‘the good’ . . . and little by little evil creeps in until it becomes overwhelming.

God doesn’t need us, but we need God in order to remember ‘The Good’.

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