Thursday, September 14, 2017

Of Hand in Hand

‘Hand in Hand; benefit for hurricane relief’

This is what it is all about—this is what God is about!  People rising to meet a need: the first responders, folks powering up their boats, or paddling a canoe to rescue someone they don’t know simply because that’s what is needed.

           There is something calling, I hear it  . . . but only 'almost'.

The media helped, during the tragedy showing stories of love and compassion.  Then, CBS with its telethon Hand in Hand, at its hour-long closing raised 14 million dollars for victims of Harvey and Irma.

Mystery God is the God who set the world in order, then brought forth creatures with reflective awareness, giving them the freedom to manage life and the world according to their choice.  Over time that choosing has not been well thought out, but we learn form our mistakes (which have been monstrous).  Now is the time we are given to assess and reorder.  The massive calamities of Harvey and Irma are awakening us to realize the need to work together to overcome disorder and disaster.  Hard lessons, but the outpouring of concern and help says we are beginning to learn.  The lesson is ‘We are One World’ and helping each other is what this life is all about.

We’ll return to grumbling and fault finding, but the lessons of showing compassion, helping and giving aid will enter our consciousness as the ‘Yes’ we are called to.  That discovery is what Mystery God awaits.  Selfishness will return, but take courage; consciousness change is a slow process.

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