Thursday, February 16, 2017

Seeing Oneness

In past entries I have written of Teilhard de Chardin and evolution, of our One World, of the Voice of women and most recently The Women’s March 2017 . . . seemingly disparate topics yet I see relationship among them.

Teilhard (1881-1955) a brilliant Scientist and Mystic saw clearly the interconnection of Science and Religion (‘the without’ and ‘the within’) as two sides of the same coin—humanity’s search for understanding and meaning.  In that pursuit we explore, dissect and analyze our world; we philosophize, hypothesize, and theologize our mortal existence.

The world we inhabit is one tiny unit in a vast universe, in its singularity providing all that is needed for its functioning as a life support source—so long as the elements stay in balance.

Throughout the eons of evolution that allowed mankind to develop from primitive, uncivilized, violent cave-men to sophisticated, articulate, rational beings, the voice of women was not permitted to influence the expanding social order (government, religion, conflict resolution . . .) Stated another way: Until recently the unique voice of half of humanity has been omitted from the planning of how we proceed with civilization.  Only within the last century have women gained the right to vote and hold office.  And in that brief 100+ years we’re coming to recognize that the silenced voice is not exclusive to women alone but is the missing piece for achieving ‘full humanity’ and it is women’s privilege and responsibility to awaken and articulate it—the voice of love, compassion and mercy.   It is the same voice that Jesus, the man, spoke with.

The Women’s March of January 12, 2017 was unprecedented—more light needs to be shone on it.  All over our world, groups of women recognized their call to make that voice heard.  Estimates say five million people—women, men and children—walked with dignity and calm, without violence, on some part of each of the seven continents of our One World.  Five million people gathered in one day in unity, calling for a voice other than that of violence, division, falsehood, and supremacy . . . a voice calling for peace, justice, equality, unity, love and respect.  Thousands of hand printed signs: “Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, Human Rights”; “Build bridges not Walls”; “Save our Planet”; “Love not Hate” . . . . .

It is that voice which must be heard if we are to survive.

                                                    _ _ _

                        Conduit of Life’s Flow

I write of our One World in infinite space
A singular whole—God, nature, humanity

            This world is given
            with laws of nature
            guiding its continuance.

            That humankind is here
            is not of mortal doing,
            ‘Something’ (I call God)
            gave order to being.

            Life is the miracle
            to which we’ve been called,
            blessed with consciousness
            and the freedom to choose,
            we’re able to bring change.

Life continues its flow—now, through us!

            Only in seeing our Oneness
            and choosing to honor it
            will our world be sustained.

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