Thursday, February 27, 2014

An Intriguing Pattern

Following a conversation about the many denominations within Christianity, a friend loaned me a wall chart of 'Denominations Comparison'.  Studying this gave rise to many thoughts about religion and I turned to a Bible time-line; I noted a most intriguing pattern.  Major events that have changed the direction of, first the Jewish then the Christian religious development, have occurred roughly in 500 year intervals.

Here is the pattern, beginning 2000BC (allowing that these are centuries and the dates are approximate)
       2000 BC:  Abraham called by God to become father of a great nation
       1500 BC:  Moses is called to lead God's people to the Promised Land
       1000 BC:  Solomon's Temple built in Jerusalem (home for Torah)
         500 BC:  Temple destroyed, Jews exiled then returned
             0 AD:  (New calendar dating) Jesus the Christ enters history; followers persecuted
         500 AD:  Christian doctrines unified and solidified (Age of Faith)
       1000 AD:  Great Schism = Catholic/Orthodox
       1500 AD:  Protestant Reformation (unity splintered to thousands of denominations)
If there is a pattern ???  --we are in the 2000 ???

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