Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve 2014

       As our earth enters the time marked as 'year 2015', we find a world of ever-present polarized conflicts and decaying climate conditions which threaten our very existence.  Can we reconsider the choices humanity has made thus far . . . and alter the trajectory?
       Over eons of evolution, God slowly brought forth reflective beings--Human kind!  God gifted us with a sustainable world and free will.  With our freedom (flawed as we are) we've interpreted incorrectly and chosen wrongly --

                                                        CIRCUS LIGHTS

                           Our world is in Crisis!
                                Like Nero of old
                                We fiddle while Rome burns
                          Blinded by the circus lights
                                we allow destruction and decay
                                to go unnoticed and God to become irrelevant.

               God of the Universe is infinite
                               and infinitely beyond knowing.
               We are finite, flawed and limited
                               yet create our gods in our own image.

                               Those for whom power and control are supreme
                                    create gods of violence and vengeance;
                               Those for whom love and unity are supreme
                                    create a Father God of concern and protection.

               Be assured, we create the gods we worship
                         because the God that IS is beyond knowing.
               The I AM that created an infinite universe
               The I AM that breathes life into being
                         is the ALL of which each element is a part.

                              We've chosen to worship inadequate gods
                                    and have shepherded our world
                                    to the brink of extinction.

                             Remember the cry of Jeremiah:
                                    'Repent and Return'

               Can we let God be God as God IS
                                   --infinite and unknowable--
               and accept the responsibility of our freedom
                                  to co-create a sustainable world?

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  1. To answer the question you posed at the end: we can but will we.