Thursday, November 27, 2014

Ferguson's Accomplishment

       I have watched the TV coverage of the destruction of Ferguson . . . I almost couldn't watch, so I walked away, only to be drawn back over the days.  My first reaction was anger; then anger turned to sadness, then sorrow.  How can so many people support violence as a solution to the problem of injustice?  What happened in Ferguson was not a cry for justice, it was an excuse for unleashing a primitive howl for vengeance--yet to whom was the vengeance directed?  --to the very town in which the people live!

       The violence that reaped such harm against small businesses and homeowners so far exceeds the perceived injustice it can't be calculated.  And for what and why was vengeance sought?  There are so many complicated threads to this complex problem, but all real issues are lost in the melee.  We are all flawed humans needing to find the way to live together--it is a work in progress.  Is there police injustice?  Do they profile young black males?  It is a possibility, but why are young blacks profiled?  Are the police inherently prejudice/bad?  Or are there problems in the black community that feed the polarization?  Is it not a fact that there is a strong current of disrespect for police and disdain for the law--just listen to the years of rap music and look at the prevalence of the drug culture.  The legal system, imperfect though it be, is there not to oppress but to bring order to society and it works only when there is public support.

       With the extreme violence of November 2014, you perpetrators have desecrated the memory of Martin Luther King, a true black hero honored by all people regardless of race.  He emerged from a society much more deeply steeped in prejudice, yet he brought non-violent pressure to right the injustice of segregation.  He, along with Gandhi and Nelson Mandela demonstrated the effectiveness of non-violent protest and changed whole nations . . . the violence of Ferguson accomplished only the destruction of a city.


  1. I question how many of the protesters were actually from Ferguson. How much of the destruction was caused by "others" who had no other motive than needing to destroy something. Would they direct their violence on their own homes.

  2. yes, it is said there were outside agitators, I accept that, but my point is that a violent response was accepted and carried on. a sharp contrast to the millions of people who peacefully demonstrated under the leadership of MLK. MLK, Gandhi and Mandela have all given evidence to the fact that non-violence is effective, wise and changes hearts.