Friday, August 25, 2017

of The Stations

I’ve written a book of spiritual fiction:  The  Stations: by B. Sabonis-Chafee*

I don’t think it has yet found its audience, or been realized for what it is.  It is a story, yes . . . but more, it's a spiritual journey.
It is set between 1951 and 1999 (beginning before Vatican II and ending before the arrival of the 21st Century).

This story is written in honor of Jesuit priest and Paleontologist, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.  Teilhard saw and understood before others the meaning of evolution and human freedom.  He died in 1955 in N.Y. City where he had been exiled by the Church and the Order that he loved, having been forbidden to publish any of his writings (some 20 volumes).  He sacrificed himself because he knew the truth of the Science he had studied and the Religion he had embraced.  He held the faith that because ‘God is Truth’, therefore the truth he’d been privileged to understand would survive his death.  Immediately following his death—when his Jesuit Order and the Vatican were no longer controlling—those not so confined began publishing his works, which are now held in high esteem.  His vision is of unity; leading humanity to realize that our world is a singular interacting unit and that Science and Religion are not in conflict—rather, they are two sides of the same coin of human knowledge and understanding.

The book I have written is not about Teilhard but rather about a fictional artist who is commissioned to create grand Stations of the Cross for a proposed shrine.  In the story, as the artist searched for what he is to say with these stations he suffers a ‘dark night of the soul’ before he awakens to what Teilhard was pointing to, and he, like Teilhard meets resistance as he gives expression to the interconnectedness and interdependence of all life in our one world.  His stations exemplify the range of human potential—its wonders and its horrors—which IS the story of Jesus’ Passion.

Throughout the story each station is described with both its traditional and contemporary theme as the artist seeks to move others to realizing what we are, who we are and how we relate to the God of the Universe.

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