Monday, February 20, 2017

I say again . . .

A few days ago I wrote of ‘Seeing Oneness’ in which I referred to The Women’s March 2017 as having brought to the fore the women’s voice— loud and clear.

A voice calling for peace, equality, human rights, concern for Planet Earth, unity, love and respect is not exclusive to women, but is characteristic of them.  That voice seems to have once more gotten lost in the violence, aggression, supremacy, exclusivity and nationalism being championed by men of power around the world.

It is promising to see that many men, especially of the younger generations, are listening to and supporting a kinder more compassionate voice and have joined with that voice to shout it to the world—five million strong.

As appropriate follow up to my last entry I repeat the poem I posted earlier on October 28, 2016.

                                       * * *

                                          HEAR ME

I am Woman, hear me oh Man!

You have intercourse with life from the outside,
            I from within.

You know only half of the reality that is
            --as do I.

Rigid and absolute, your aim is to impose and control;
Yielding and accommodating, mine is to accept and adapt.

You fear that I will limit your fecundity
            your self-serving pleasure pursuits

And so it is, for I seek compassion and understanding
            and protection for my vulnerability.

What you fail to know--for you know only half of reality--
            is that there is satisfaction of a different kind as well as wisdom
            in my experience of life and living.

What you have demonstrated to me--for you have been in charge--
            is that your outside knowing, adventurous to be sure,
            is empty and meaningless without my insights!

You’ve insisted upon leading--your power and logic made it seem right--
            but narcissistically you fell in love with your own reflection
            and forgot to keep my voice alive with your love...
            instead, you asked of me only that I serve and service you
            --forgetting you know only half of reality.

Learn from me, not in a subservient way, but as an equal
            and we will both be enriched.

                                         - - -

Your vital virile outside knowing has changed the face of the earth
            you’ve built and discovered and re-created...

But without the within, it is all empty, hollow, meaningless
            --and above all infinitely dangerous!

You disdainfully dismiss what I have to contribute
My accomplishments seem mundanely simple and unimportant.

I cannot do what you have done
Your achievements are in fact glorious!

You infuse, you initiate, you achieve
            --but you also rape and plunder,
            immediate gratification and conquest is your goal.

Your arrogance is your curse
            because you won’t admit what you don’t know
            or can’t do alone.
You don’t nurture and sustain the developing potential
            you don’t watch and wait and hope for the promise to come
            --that is my task.

You know only half of the reality that is!

Would that you look at me...
            but you only glance at my form
Would that you listen to me...
            but you only scoff at my awarenesses
Would that you learn from me...
            but you only yawn at my wisdom.

Look at me and see me,
Listen to me and hear me,
Understand me and learn from me,

I am Woman, hear me oh Man

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