Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Look in the Mirror

As I sit awaiting the outcome of this Super Tuesday Presidential race I worry about this country’s political future.  How did we get to this level of anti-civility and why does the public support it?  My last posting was of America’s love of violence and its refusal to acknowledge that it is a problem.   The Republican primaries highlight my point, it has been months of insulting in-fighting among candidates, vitriolic attack ads, physical violence erupting at speeches . . . what other than attraction to violence explains the hemorrhage of attention given to a foul-mouthed, egotistical, bigot running for president of our country? 

I’m a registered Independent and have given my vote to candidates in both parties, choosing not party but the character of the candidate.  I don’t always agree with our presidents, but I respect the office of president.  There is nothing about Trump’s candidacy that calls for respect, his tactics and demeanor are that of a dictator: ‘I’m great!  Obey me or be crushed!’

If we move a bit from the Trump haranguing we can return to a measure of civility despite differences.  The Democratic debates stick to issues and candidates disagree without resorting to personal insults.  Among Republicans, only Kasich has conducted an admirable campaign.

I can only hope and pray the general public awakens to listen to “their better angels” before leading the country blindly into disaster.

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