Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Understanding

I have chosen to write of serious thoughts because it is my hope that the words I write will stimulate other serious thoughts.  Our world is in crisis.  I believe it is imperative that we recognize that our planet is but one small dot in an infinite universe so boundless that our disappearance would scarcely be noticed; but to us, the sentient beings on this planet, it is of supreme importance that we don’t self-destruct.

The 20th century ushered in wonderful/terrible new knowledge requiring a deepening of our realization of who and what we are.  In Einstein’s words, “We must learn to think in a new way”.  What is this ‘new understanding’ that is emerging?  In truth it is not new at all. It is found in the writings of Mystics and in all wisdom literature of the ages; it is something known but not realized:  all life is interconnected, so oft repeated as to become a clich√©, but now that the world has become a global village, it is critical that we realize what those words mean.  To be interconnected is to be of one whole, all parts effecting and being affected by all elements that comprise the whole.

Only recently have we left the earth’s confines and traveled through space to look back and see the beautiful blue ball suspended in space . . . without fences, borders or boundaries; earth undivided . . . a complete self-sustaining entity in the vast endless universe, one single total unit with all the necessary elements to sustain life.  What a wonder that is!

Life is the process in which we find ourselves, we didn’t create it, and we can’t call it forth.  It is a ’given’ and we each participate to its enhancement or its detriment.  The more the greater good is supported the more we all benefit.  The more destruction is spread the more we are all diminished.

Life is all around us in many forms but the human alone has the capacity to reflect and to know, to look back and see ahead and make the choices that shape the course we travel.  Humans have changed the face of the earth . . . and have threatened it with annihilation.  When we fully realize it isn’t just happening, nor is God sitting on a cloud pulling strings, the course our world travels is the result of the cumulative choices mankind has made and is making.   We each are responsible for our choices and all life is interconnected; we will succeed or fail together.

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