Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter Week 2014

He looked to be a man--
cruelly treated, he forgave
He died, yet resurrected
       How can it be?
I was once a child . . . a baby
now an adult, no earlier cell remains,
completely changed yet the same 'me'
       How can it be?
We put seeds into the ground
cover them over and wait . . .
flowers and food to sustain us
       How can it be?

I step into a mammoth machine
it rises above the earth
carrying me through the clouds
       How can it be?

We look at a picture
of a tiny blue ball in space
taken from the moon
       How can it be?

I think of this self that I am,
myriads of happenstances necessary
to have called me into being
       How can it be?

Billions of people inhabit the earth
each individual unique
yet sharing a relentless sameness
       How can it be?

Wonder upon wonder upon wonder
if we but remember to look . . .

       How can it be?
       Yet it is so!

1 comment:

  1. wonder upon wonder if we but remember to look - I love that!