Monday, February 17, 2014

Centering Prayer

I am re-reading 'The Cloud of Unknowing', a mystical classic from the 14th century, I find it resonates with today's mystics exploring evolutionary theology which speaks of consciousness, wholeness and a God of love beyond knowing.

                                            God isn't what we've made HIM
                                            there's another reality
                                                          of which we're but a tiny part

                           Centering Prayer

I sit before a lighted candle
struggling to clear away my thoughts;
the task seems impossible

I've asked to enter Truth,
reaching for humility and reverence
. . . I must quiet my racing thoughts.

A lifetime of memories rise up.
Tears roll down my cheeks . . .
Twenty minutes?  An hour?

Embrace the silence
beyond language and thought

We each journey thru life alone
there is sharing--but never fully;
we long for wholeness.

We are part of a Oneness
my consciousness arises from Consciousness.
I cannot grasp that--yet I believe it.

I sit before a lighted candle
   "surrender, let go, let God."
    so hard, so very hard!

           . . . one day it will be easy.


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  1. Beautiful, Barbara. I miss our conversations/discussions of things spiritual and mundane. :)