Monday, July 25, 2022

End of an Era

 I began writing ‘Of Serious Thoughts’ in August 2013.  August 2022 marks the completion of 9 years of regular writing, first twice a month then after 5 years it became once a month. This will be my final entry as I intend to cease writing regular blogs.  Will I add another one now and then?  I’m unsure, time will tell.  I want to thank my many readers for the 180000 reads over the years.  


I chose to begin with a long prose poem, ‘Un-Named God’ from my poem collection.  I chose it as it seemed to incorporate all that I think of and care about.  I’ve just reread the poem and find it to still be true.  Some time ago a priest read it and suggested it seemed blasphemous; I recommended he go back and read Psalm 2 . . . he relented.


My blog is of a serious nature as its title says.  It covers situations of concern in our contemporary world as well as basic human issues and humanity’s struggles with God.  I have frequently mentioned Teilhard de Chardin and did a 7-part series on his works from June to October 2015.  (Part 6 was somehow deleted so I re-added it on January 2, 2017.)  I believe him to be the Galileo of our time.  He has opened our eyes to a new way of seeing.  By leaving the static world behind and focusing on our dynamic evolving world, he sees Science and Religion as two sides of the same coin—the search for Truth.


Presently my focus is heavily on my latest work of fiction, ‘The Conflagration’.  It is an unusual story, not easily fitting any genre.  It arose from my belief that our world is on the wrong path and we are actively choosing our ultimate destruction, be it by the Climate Crisis, atomic warfare, or the obscene imbalance in wealth distribution—1% of the population (the billionaires) hold ½ of the world’s wealth, while the rest is distributed to the other 99% in way that leaves much of the human population starving.  There is increasing polarization in both politics and the general populous, making compromises on any issue virtually impossible.  We presently hold the tools needed to create a peaceful and prosperous world—scientific understanding of climate and the climate change, numerous international organizations such as the UN, UNESCO, and The World Health Organization, economic organizations such as The World Economic Forum, etc.—if we would but acknowledge the present danger.


The story is set in the future after WWIII, known as the Conflagration, had nearly destroyed planet earth, and caused the survivors to vow to never war again.  Some 300+ years later when the planet has recovered and is again thriving, a cryonically preserved young woman from the 21st Century is found and revitalized.  She struggles to adapt to this new world of peace and is obsessed with the question, ‘Was The Conflagration inevitable’?


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  1. You are a brilliant, fascinating human being. I have been blessed to have you in my life.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I hope you will read The Conflagration, Barbara